Thursday, April 30, 2009

Natural curl definers for Kinky-curly hair texture

Are you a natural ebony girl with kinky-curly texture? Do you love being all natural, but occasionally want to experiment with different styles? Well you're in luck, kinky-curly hair texture offers a variety of options! If you are looking to define your curls a little more and give them a more slick look, try Kinky-Curly's curling custard . I have not had the opportunity to try it yet myself, but I have heard (and seen) many rave reviews about this product. I love the fact that it is all natural ingredients! You can purchase directly from the Kinky-Curly website or if you have a Whole Foods market in your area, it can be purchased from there as well. It may seem expensive, but one jar can go a long way! Shelley Davis, who is the creator of the Kinky-Curly products, is pictured here. The look of her hair is the type of results you will see. When you are tired of the look simply wash out! I have heard a few tips are necessary to stick to when applying Kinky-Curly, such as start by cleansing hair first. Next tip is to use the Knot today conditioner instead of other conditioners. This is because some conditioners have oils in it and if you use the K.C. with them, your results may be too sticky or leave residue (personally I would probably not use the Knot Today conditioner because it contains alcohol, and I trt to avoid alcohol for my hair and skin). Although I have heard of some say that other conditioners have been used such as Carol's Daughter brand conditioner . Another tip is to use a little and not overdo it, so as to avoid stickiness from improper application. Lastly you can just wet hands in the morning and run through hair, no need to reapply product. While I have seen a few bad experiences with this product, the majority have all been good. If you do not know anyone personally who has used this product then check out and see videos of women who have applied K.C. Now, for a more inexpensive way to define your curls, wash your hair with a gentle non-sulfate shampoo (important!), condition, and afterwards apply a leave in conditioner or creme (I happen to use my own "lemon custard" hair cream) and do a twist out or braid out. For anyone unaware, a twist out or braid out is just a term for braiding or twisting the hair into individual braids or twists all over the head and allowing it to set (usually overnight) and simply unloosening the braids or twists. Once done your curls will be more defined. At this point you can put it in a updo, ponytail, or simply leave it as is. If you want to temporarily change your texture to straight every once in a while, then rather than using a flat iron, or hot comb which can be just as damaging as chemical straighteners when used improperly, try the Maxiglide straightener, which uses steam to straighten the hair, and not the direct pressing of heat on the hair strands to "iron" the hair.
The beauty of Maxiglide is it works well on all type hair textures, although they do have different type staighteners for the kinky-curly type texture. Remember good hair is healthy hair in any type texture; from straight to curly to wavy to kinky-curly hair, learn how to appreciate and take care of the hair you have been given!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hair Flair

Want to create this really simple semi casual hairstyle? Check out Cinthia's blog here for instructions!
I would suggest that this style can be modified for a special occasion by added small decorative rhinestone clips to cover the bands; presto instant glamour!

Henna: a wonderfood for you hair

Many people believe that the key to healthy great looking hair is to buy expensive hair care products, but some of the ingredients that are good for your hair, are also some of the least expensive and all natural. A great example of this is henna or mehndi. Henna is believed to provide many benefits, such as adding strength, sheen, and conditioning to hair. It also is said to aid in cooling down excess heat from the body, prevent premature graying and can be applied to body to make beautiful temporary henna tattoos. As someone who has used henna on many occasions, i can honestly say that henna is excellent for the hair. Since discovering my "Best Green Conditioner ever" (recipe available in my upcoming ebooklet) I try to alternate between the two since the green conditioner is a highly moisturizing protein conditioner, I use it bi-weekly. On the off weeks I use henna. Some people who want to experience the softening effects of pure henna, but are afraid of the reddish color, may find that henna does not actually dye the hair red, rather leaves it with a red rinse. This has been the case for me anyway. In addition pure henna is natural and I have found that it will wash away after a few shampoo sessions if you do not enjoy the red rinse your hair may receive. Learn how to apply henna to your hair, here where you can find info on who should not use henna also here If you are feeling artistic, then check out this site to learn how to apply temporary henna tattoos. You can purchase henna from or check out your local area for a market that carries indian, pakistani, or middle eastern products. I also provide a recipe for a conditioning henna shampoo in my upcoming ebooklet. So stay tuned...

Monday, April 27, 2009

"The Healing Power of Excerise"

My mother is almost finished reading, a book entitled The Healing Power of Exercise. I had the chance to skim though it and it seems to be a very informative book. It gives information on what exercises are best to do for particular ailments. This is very beneficial for someone who may be suffering from ailment such as high blood pressure, diabetes etc.; knowing which type of exercise are most beneficial for your particular ailment. So check it out!

Exercising for Health

I remember many times talking to coworkers about doing Pilates and Tae Bo, and always hearing a response of "what are you exercising for you? you are already skinny!" Exercising provides many benefits such as reducing stress, increased energy, and higher metabolism. If you exercise in the privacy of your own home one thing you may experience is becoming bored with your routine. Keep it interesting by changing your routine every so often. This happened to me recently. as I was working out to the Denise Austin Fat Burning Dance Mix dvd. It was fun for about 2 months and then I became bored, so as a result I slacked off for about 2 weeks! Now I am going to start the Leslie Sansone's Walking videos. I was always skeptical about walking workouts, because in my biased thinking I did not feel they were very effective, but after watching my mother do the Leslie Sansone's dvds and having much success with them, I was convinced that they could also work. My mother exercises pretty faithfully 5 days a week, and she (like me, actually more than me) has a variety of workout dvds, and the Leslie Sansone walking series has been one of the most effective at toning her while still allowing her maintain her womanly physique, which is what I prefer as well. I like a toned body with curves, and I do not like the muscular look for a woman; no six pack for me thank you! You can purchase Leslies Sansone and Denise Austin videos here . Other ways to prevent boredom is to get outside and workout. Try hiking, walking, or biking.
Being in the fresh open air really helps keep your routine interesting.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Product review:Humphey's Facial Toner

The product review for today will be Humphrey's brand facial toner. Humphrey's makes an alcohol free toner that is very gentle and soothing to the skin. Virtually anyone can use this toner. It comes in a variety of scents, which are there not just for smell but for the various skin nourishing/healing properties. The one I am in love with is the cucumber melon variety. After cleansing my face with my "afternoon tea" facial wash (available for purchase for at my shopit store), I use this gentle toner. and follow with my "barely there" evening facial moisturizer for oily skin (recipe for this will be available in my upcoming ebook). I love the way my skin feels afterward! I have tried a lot of toners and seldom do you find ones that are alcohol free, and light. Humphrey's is one of the few that I actually like. You can get Humphrey's toner at Whole Foods if you have one in your area, or online. My favorite place to purchase many items is
I almost always find great deals at amazon, and you can find the Humphrey's toner there for a super low price! If you visit fubao health store , they also have quite a few of the Humphrey's toner in different scents.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Isn't it time to get back to your roots?

With all the harmful ingredients in most cosmetics, why should we spend a small fortune on things that are not helping us but harming us? This is even more puzzling when many natural ingredient alternatives are found right in nature and are easily available in most cases. You can buy or make a multitude of skin and hair care products, that feel good and are good for you. You can produce anything from face masks, to cleansers, and creams all without sacrificing your health and beauty. So take a cue from some natural beauties around the world and get back to your roots!

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