Monday, April 27, 2009

Exercising for Health

I remember many times talking to coworkers about doing Pilates and Tae Bo, and always hearing a response of "what are you exercising for you? you are already skinny!" Exercising provides many benefits such as reducing stress, increased energy, and higher metabolism. If you exercise in the privacy of your own home one thing you may experience is becoming bored with your routine. Keep it interesting by changing your routine every so often. This happened to me recently. as I was working out to the Denise Austin Fat Burning Dance Mix dvd. It was fun for about 2 months and then I became bored, so as a result I slacked off for about 2 weeks! Now I am going to start the Leslie Sansone's Walking videos. I was always skeptical about walking workouts, because in my biased thinking I did not feel they were very effective, but after watching my mother do the Leslie Sansone's dvds and having much success with them, I was convinced that they could also work. My mother exercises pretty faithfully 5 days a week, and she (like me, actually more than me) has a variety of workout dvds, and the Leslie Sansone walking series has been one of the most effective at toning her while still allowing her maintain her womanly physique, which is what I prefer as well. I like a toned body with curves, and I do not like the muscular look for a woman; no six pack for me thank you! You can purchase Leslies Sansone and Denise Austin videos here . Other ways to prevent boredom is to get outside and workout. Try hiking, walking, or biking.
Being in the fresh open air really helps keep your routine interesting.

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