Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Henna: a wonderfood for you hair

Many people believe that the key to healthy great looking hair is to buy expensive hair care products, but some of the ingredients that are good for your hair, are also some of the least expensive and all natural. A great example of this is henna or mehndi. Henna is believed to provide many benefits, such as adding strength, sheen, and conditioning to hair. It also is said to aid in cooling down excess heat from the body, prevent premature graying and can be applied to body to make beautiful temporary henna tattoos. As someone who has used henna on many occasions, i can honestly say that henna is excellent for the hair. Since discovering my "Best Green Conditioner ever" (recipe available in my upcoming ebooklet) I try to alternate between the two since the green conditioner is a highly moisturizing protein conditioner, I use it bi-weekly. On the off weeks I use henna. Some people who want to experience the softening effects of pure henna, but are afraid of the reddish color, may find that henna does not actually dye the hair red, rather leaves it with a red rinse. This has been the case for me anyway. In addition pure henna is natural and I have found that it will wash away after a few shampoo sessions if you do not enjoy the red rinse your hair may receive. Learn how to apply henna to your hair, here where you can find info on who should not use henna also here If you are feeling artistic, then check out this site to learn how to apply temporary henna tattoos. You can purchase henna from mehndiskinart.com or check out your local area for a market that carries indian, pakistani, or middle eastern products. I also provide a recipe for a conditioning henna shampoo in my upcoming ebooklet. So stay tuned...

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