Monday, May 4, 2009

Product review:The Wrinkle Cure

I ran across a very informative book at the library about 2 months ago, that I happen to enjoy very much, so I decided to buy it from my favorite place to buy books and other items (Amazon). It was very affordable. While I am not yet at the age where I should be concerned about wrinkles (28 yrs), this book provides excellent info to start maintaining your skin now so that you may age gracefully. I was very surprised to learn that Dr. Perricone, who is a Dermatologist, had non conventional views (for someone in the "traditional" medical community that is) on the usage of certain vitamins and foods in maintaining health and a beautiful appearance. He, unlike many dermatologists, does not promote plastic surgery, but rather puts his patients on nutritional regimens to combat their skin concerns, and has had much success. He lists some of the foods and vitamins that you should be consuming if you want to be your most radiant self, and even provides some resources info. This book is a definite must-read especially for anyone who notices that their skin is looking a little dull and lacks luster. Your diet just may be the culprit.

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