Saturday, May 16, 2009

Resource List for Cooking Up Beauty at Home ebooklet

Most of the ingredients found in the 4 simple recipes in my ebooklet, are pretty easy to find, but there may be a few that some people have not heard of, so here is a quick resource list:

Mountainrose Herbs---here you can purchase your essential oils

Mehndiskinart---here you can purchase shikakai powder and amla powder, just look under the "Hesh Herbs" category you can get the wonderful Unrefined Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Whole Foods Market---purchase the bulk or your items at your local Whole Foods, or trader joe's Trader Joe's is the bargain store for natural and organic products, they do sell a few products that are not organic though, so make sure you read labels. I purchase my jojoba oil there as it is good quality at a reasonable price.


  1. nice post. keep posting more related to beauty

  2. Hi BACK2MYROOTS, thanks for the great recipe ideas! We will have to try the salsa recipe as a treat for our in-store shoppers! Mountainrose Herbs also has great tea. We have a nice selection as well and in case it helps... here is the link for our jojoba oil. It's a reasonable price and free shipping. We also carry some of the other ingredients you might need too! Check us out : )